send a message of hope to someone

in treatment for mental health or addiction

send some love while in isolation 


Step One:
Select your Celebrady Designs greeting card!

Step Two:

Fill out your personal experience of recovery or message of hope and encouragement for someone seeking recovery from mental illness or addiction.

Step Three:

Check out and Submit payment.

All Proceeds from #StrengthFromAStranger will be given to NAMI Lee, Charlotte & Hendry Counties.

Step Four:

Your special message will be filled out by hand in your card of choice by one of our #strengthfromastranger volunteers.

Step Five:

Cards will be delivered to a participating treatment center, and given to a patient seeking recovery from addiction or mental illness. 

more about #strengthfromastranger campaign

129 Americans died by suicide every day in 2019. That's more than 47,000 deaths by suicide during the year. Approximately 1.4 million Americans attempted suicide last year. 128 American died every day from opioid overdoses in 2018. 67,850 Americans died from all drug overdose in 2018. People need hope & people need help. Most of all, we need one another.


 CDC Guidelines in response to COVID-19 mandates to social distance, isolate, and even quarantine for 14 days. These are unlike anything we have experienced. Most treatment facilities have cancelled all visitation. The mental and emotional effects of a global and economic crisis will have a huge impact on our population. Your encouragement and support is needed now more than ever.

An unexpected card with words of hope can go a long way for someone experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety and can be the motivation for another day clean for someone battling their addiction. Furthermore, connecting with someone from isolation by sending a card is a powerful tool to keep us in a positive mindset.

Let’s work together to promote recovery and mental health & wellness for all!

All #StrengthfromaStranger campaign proceeds will be donated to NAMI Lee, Charlotte & Hendry Counties. For more information on NAMI 's education, advocacy and support programs at no cost for those living with mental illness please visit NAMILEE.ORG 

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